Grand National Championships presented by YAMAHA
Music for All Foundation Scholarships

The Music for All Foundation is dedicated to creating, providing, and expanding positively life-changing experiences through music for all. The Foundation, formerly known as The Revelli Foundation and established in honor of Dr. William D. Revelli, has a longstanding history of awarding scholarships. Dr. Revelli's legacy continues to live through the many students who benefit from these scholarships.

The MFA Foundation Scholarships were established to create opportunities and contribute to the future of music and music education in America. These one-time awards are made possible through generous gifts from the following MFA friends and sponsors:
  • Mark Jolesch of Jolesch Photography ($2,000 Jolesch Scholarship)
  • Fred J. Miller Family ($1,000 Fred J. Miller Family Scholarship)
  • Yamaha Corporation of America ($1,000 Yamaha Scholarship)
The scholarships honor graduating seniors nominated by the directors of bands performing at the MFA Bands of America Grand National Championships. Recipients must intend to pursue a degree in music education and demonstrate outstanding musicianship, leadership skills, and work ethic.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2009 Music for All Foundation Scholarships:
  • David Nelson - Jolesch Scholarship
  • Kyle Kraft - Fred J. Miller Family Scholarship
  • Brandon Allen - Yamaha Scholarship