Super Regional Championships presented by YAMAHA
October 15 - 16, 2010
St. Louis, MO
  Super Regional Championship
  Edward Jones Dome
October 29 - 30, 2010
San Antonio, TX
  Super Regional Championship
October 29 - 30, 2010
Atlanta, GA
  Super Regional Championship
  Georgia Dome

Join us for a two-day Super Regional, Friday and Saturday, featuring all the excitement and educational input of a BOA Championship. Performance times available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bands of America will offer three two-day Super Regional events in 2010 - unique opportunities for wide-scale participation. Super Regionals are intended to offer a special "positively life-changing fall marching band experience" for band members, band directors, families and enthusiasts. The event will be promoted to all high school marching bands and open to the first 60 bands that enroll. We expect to attract bands from across the nation amd make all venues - St. Louis, Atlanta and San Antonio - destinations for these world class high school band events.

Your participation will:

1. Provide a "larger than life" event experience in areas that are more accessible (closer) for some BOA participants.
2. Provide more opportunities to accommodate the enormous (and unfulfilled) demand for BOA events in certain regions of the country.
3. Allow BOA to focus more attention regionally and nationally on the high school band activity and music education programs, e.g. to put a spotlight on excellence in order to provide and promote awareness, emphasis, and advocacy on the importance of band and music education programs in America.

Some have called these events "mini-nationals," as they provide the perfect year-end performance opportunity for bands that are not planning to attend Grand Nationals. The Super Regional is just that - a world class event in a world class venue.

Number of Bands:

As many as 60 bands will perform over the course of the event, with a maximum of 30 bands performing each day of the two-day Super Regional.

Enrollment in Show

All applications received postmarked by Jan. 31, 2009 will be eligible for the first consideration of performance spots. See below for details on the Day of Performance selection and additional performance time criteria. Admission is open to all high school bands as defined by BOA rulebook. (Same criteria and procedures as other BOA events.) A Participation Cooperative Fee is required (see below).

Participation Cooperative Fees

Fees for Super Regional events will be $800 per band, per event. All Super Regional events will have a parking fee of at least $25 per bus/truck. Amounts will be communicated in your August mailing.

With the BOA Super Regional Championship Participation Cooperative Program, your band will receive:
  1. 25 Field Passes* for Preliminaries (Note: All bands performing in Finals automatically receive 25 Finals Field Passes at no charge.)
  2. Ticket Options* (BOA will provide a choice of forty (40) General Admission Super Regional Finals Tickets or twenty (20) tickets to each day of prelims. You will indicate your preference on the Information Sheet.)
  3. Up to 6 Director/Staff Badges good for admission to Prelims and Finals
  4. All bands will receive a high camera instant DVD of your preliminary performance (bands that perform in FInals will also receive an instant copy of their Finals performance.)

* Face value of tickets and passes: at least $1,100

Administrative Requirements

Bands have the same administrative obligations for participation as all other BOA Fall Events. Participation requires the completion of a Super Regional event application, submission of copyright compliance documentation, principal's verification of school enrollment, etc.

Enrollment in Show (in case event is oversubscribed)

BOA's Point System is used to determine admission in the event if more than 60 bands apply to participate (same as all other BOA Fall Events).

Enrollment in Show (In case event is undersubscribed)

BOA reserves the right to reduce the event to a one day (Saturday) 34-band regional show in the event less than forty-one (41) bands enroll by May 12, 2008 draw day.

Prelims Performance Day Selection/Assignment

Day of performance will be based on a participant's choice of Day of Performance and distance from the event criteria. The Day of Performance and prelims performance draw (performance block assignments) will be made on April 25, 2009.

The structure/procedure (in order of consideration) for Day of Performance is as follows: 1, 2
  1. Any 2009 BOA Regional Champion, the 2009 Grand National Champion or the 2009 Grand Nationals Class Champion enrolled in the event may choose its day of perforance (Friday or Saturday).
  2. Bands that request a Friday performance draw slot on their enrollment application will be assigned to perform on Friday.
  3. The 30 bands that are the farthest distance from the performance venue will be given priority for a Saturday Prelim performance time. Additionally, after Saturday slots have been filled, the remaining participating bands (those geographically closest to the performance venue), will have a Prelim performance time on Friday. Friday performances will begin no earlier than Noon and will be completed by 8 p.m. and consideration will be given to create a workable schedule to allow bands to perform and still participate in their school commitments on Friday night.
  4. In the event that performance spots remain in the show, bands that apply after the postmarked date of Jan. 31 will be placed in the earliest prelim times on Friday.
  5. From time to time, bands (for whatever reason) withdraw from events, creating opportunities for "waitlist" or other new entrants.
The structure/procedure (in order of consideration) for Time of Performance is as follows:
  1. Once day of performance is assigned: performance times will be based on random draw. To accommodate Friday or Saturday football game demands, any band may request an earlier performance time than drawn on a first come, first served basis (with consideration for those that do not wish to be pushed later in the day). Bands of America will do all possible to accommodate such special needs. 3

Prelims Operations

One combined 60 band prelims, held over two days: Friday and Saturday.
  1. Noon start time on Friday for a full 60 band show*
  2. 7:30 a.m. start time on Saturday (intending to announce results and clear stadium prior to 5 p.m.)*
  3. Finals will be by pre-draw when the director checks in. The Finalist Director's meeting will occur at 4:30 p.m. to distribute Finals Schedules and discuss Finale Retreat. *Start time tentative.

Finalist Selection

If there are 45 or more bands participating in a Super Regional, the top scoring fourteen (14) bands regardless of classification will advance to Finals. If there are less than 45 bands, the top twelve (12) scoring bands regardless of classification will advance to Finals. Pre-draw for Finals performance times; no top/bottom draw.


If there are fifty (50) or more bands enrolled in a Super Regional (on May 12), there will be one judging panel for both days of Prelims, a different panel of judges for Finals. If there are less than 50 bands in the Super Regional, there will be one Judging Panel for both Prelims and Finals.

Classification of bands

Bands are classified by school enrollment, grades 10-12 only. Under our new 4 class system, Class A will remain 600 students and less, Class AA will be 601 - 1220, Class AAA 1221 - 1750 and the new class AAAA is 1751 and above. The new classification system was adopted by BOA following a presentation of research on the enrollment of past participants at BOA to the Music for All Programmatic Advisory Committee and is intended to provide better enrollment balance at events. For purposes of determining enrollment, your principal must certify enrollment and consider all those students in the grades 10 - 12 population as reported on fall state FTE reports.

Bus/Truck Parking

Bands of America strives to control costs and provide a complimentary participant bus and truck parking where possible and feasible. However, as with all events in professional facilities and certain other facilities, Bands of America is required to rent entire lots for bus/truck parking to avoid the normal charges applied for vehicles to enter. Unfortunately, we must pass on some of this cost to the participating bands. The cost per bus/truck for the professional venues have been in the range of $25 per vehicle. Costs vary by facility and will be confirmed and communicated to you by the August participating band mailing. This will cover each respective vehicle for the entire event with in and out priviledges. Due to limited space considerations, parking for staff cars/vehicles can no longer be accomodated in the bus/truck lots. Payment for your bus passes will be requested in August.

Super Regional Housing Bureau

All competing bands and their booster groups utilizing hotel accomodations for their stay during the event are REQUIRED to make their housing reservations through the BOA Super Regional Housing Bureau. The Housing Bureau has been set up to secure enough hotel rooms at the lowest block prices to accommodate all the bands' needs for the event. A Housing Bureau form and information will be sent on or before March 1.


1 To have assignment and selection rights, a band must have applied for the event by the Jan. 31 postmark date. Thereafter, rights exist (on a first come, first served postmark) only for remaining spots after assigning other bands.

2 All issues of distance to be determined by using mileage information obtained from MapQuestTM.

3 Notwithstanding the foregoing, the requirements of Article III, Section 1.01 will remain in place and supercede anything else to the contrary.