Regional Championships presented by YAMAHA
Super Regional Housing Bureau

All competing bands utilizing hotel accommodations for their stay during the event are REQUIRED to make their housing reservations through the BOA Super Regional Housing Bureau. The Housing Bureau has been set up to secure enough hotel rooms at the lowest block prices to accommodate all the bands' needs for the event.

Atlanta Super Regional
San Antonio Super Regional
St. Louis Super Regional
  1. To have assignment and selection rights, a band must have applied for the event by the Jan. 31 postmark date. Thereafter, rights exist (on a first come, first served postmark) only for remaining spots after assigning other bands.
  2. All issues of distance to be determined by using mileage information obtained from MapQuestTM.
  3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the requirements of Article III, Section 1.01 will remain in place and supercede anything else to the contrary.