Music for All Summer Symposium presented by YAMAHA
Illinois State University, Normal, IL
June 21 - 26, 2010     |     Leadership Weekend Experience: June 19 - 21

Directors Academy - Middle School/Young Teacher Track

The Summer Symposium Middle School/Young Teacher Track is designed to deliver a curriculum that will arm middle school teachers and young music educators with the tools they need to provide their students with a positively life-changing experience. The typical model for middle schools in America is a three-year program (6th, 7th, and 8th grade). Ironically, three years is also the typical career lifespan for young music educators. Most recent studies show that America is on the verge of a major shortage of qualified music educators. Through a three-year curriculum, the Bands of America Middle School/Young Teacher Track at the Summer Symposium will provide a "hands on" education that will prepare young teachers to thrive, rather than survive!

The experience will be realistic and taught by experienced and successful practitioners from a range of programs and settings, including small school, low budget, urban and rural situations. Our curriculum will begin with a year-by-year approach, adding content and subject matter each year. Whether you come for one year or all three, the information will be invaluable.

In Addition to the Middle School/Young Teacher curriculum, you get:
  • Up to three hours of graduate credit from Illinois State University with a modest application fee from the University.
  • Summer Symposium General Curriculum
  • World Class Concerts and Musical Experiences
  • Networking with the Finest Music Educators in the Country

Who Should Attend?
  • Experienced Middle School Teachers Looking for a Fresh Approach and New Ideas
  • New Teachers
  • Young Teachers
  • High School Teachers Looking to Create a Unified Philosophy with your Feeder Program

Year 1 "Nuts and Bolts"
The first year curriculum will deal with the nuts and bolts of teaching 6th graders in a middle school setting. In a nutshell, we will fill the gap to teach you everything you didn't learn in college!

Year 2 "Ensemble"
The second year curriculum will focus on the challenges that accompany the ensemble experience. From solo and ensemble contest to taking a band to festival, year two can be a roller coaster ride. We will equip you to make it the ride of a lifetime!

Year 3 "Maximizing The Middle School Experience"
The third year curriculum will focus on both maximizing your students' middle school experience, as well as helping you to prepare them for the journey to high school.