Music for All Summer Symposium presented by YAMAHA
Illinois State University, Normal, IL
June 21 - 26, 2010     |     Leadership Weekend Experience: June 19 - 21

2009 Directors Workshop Topics
2010 Topics to be posted when available

These and more, presented by leading experts and educators.

Daily Features:
  • Directors Concert Band
  • Directors Jazz Band
  • Director/Faculty Lunch & Dinner
  • Evening Concerts & Events
  • Evening Socials
  • Student Sessions Observation

  • Feature Sessions with Master Teachers like Larry J. Livingston
  • Preparation for Concert Evaluation Festival
  • Master Work Feature Session
  • Producing Concert Band Ensemble Clarity
  • Maximizing Rehearsal Efforts, Parts 1 & 2
  • Score Preparation - It Really Is Important
  • Commissioning Works for Your Band Program
  • Exploring Color and Texture in the Concert Setting
  • They've Got To Have Skills
  • Daily Directors' Concert Band

  • Marching Technique and Demonstrations
  • Marching Music Program and Demonstrations
  • Marching Band Warm-Up: From Rehearsal to Pre-Performance
  • Drill Design
  • Full Ensemble Techinique
  • The New Marching Band Techniques Using Technology
  • Front Ensemble Technology 101
  • Outdoor Brass Technique
  • Judging the Musical Performance
  • Coordinating the Design Process
  • Cleaning the Visual Program
  • Color guard Cleaning Techniques
  • Arranging from the Arranger and Director Perspective
  • Dynamic Marching
  • Championship Percussion
  • Judging the Visual Performance
  • It’s All About the Music: Effective Show Programming
  • Insights Into Programming and Design
  • Using Technology: The New Marching Band Paradigm
  • Excellence in Marching Performance Through Rehearsal Technique and Design
  • Physical Preparation
    Daily offerings in Jazz pedagogy and education techniques including:
    • Director’s Band
    • The Rhythm Section - piano, guitar, bass, drumset & Putting It All Together
    • Improvisation
    • Brass/Woodwind Techniques

    Middle School (topics below include Years 1, 2 and 3)
    • Middle School Issues with Robert W. Smith & Panel
    • Student Leadership in Middle School and Preparation for High School
    • Woodwind Pedagogy for Brass and Percussion
    • Establishing Middle School Ensemble Skills
    • Establishing the Proper Set-Up for Woodwind Instruments Immediately
    • Establishing the Proper Set-Up for /Brass Instruments Immediately
    • Competitive Chair Seating
    • Unlocking the Mystery of Teaching Middle School Percussion in the Full Band Setting
    • Innovative Beginning Band Recruiting Techniques
    • Tuning and Intonation for Middle School Band
    • Brass Pedagogy for Woodwinds/Percussion
    • SmartMusic (Sessions in Instruction and Assessment)
    • Finale in the Classroom I and II
    • Classroom Management and Organization
    • Middle School Curriculum Benchmarks
    • Literature Reading for Young and Middle School Bands
    • Motivation and Retention of Middle School Children
    • What You Didn't Learn in College
    • Teaching to the National Standards
    • Parent Communication
    • Survey of Middle School Resources and Methods
    • Building Bridges to the High School Program

    Percussion, Supplemental and Additional Technology
    • Do's and Don'ts of Travel with Your Band
    • Portable Recorders and Digital Collaboration
    • Pro-Audio: What Every Teacher and Student Should Know