Music for All Summer Symposium presented by YAMAHA
Illinois State University, Normal, IL
June 21 - 26, 2010     |     Leadership Weekend Experience: June 19 - 21

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Conducting and marching skills, teaching techniques, communication and leadership ability — these are the areas that every band director looks for when choosing their drum majors and band leaders. And there’s no better place to begin your education in becoming a supportive asset to your band director than at George N. Parks Drum Major Academy.

The “DMA” gives you not only the incredible experience of George Parks and his Drum Major Academy staff, but also the unmatched excitement of the full Symposium. It’s the ultimate training for drum majors and student leaders!

“George Parks is not only THE expert in the world of drum major training, but he is a MASTER TEACHER who inspires his students to a new level of excellence that transfers to each and every part of their lives,” says Tim Lautzenheiser, Attitude Concepts for Today, who presents motivational, education and leadership sessions across the nation. “Simply put, he is the best.”

What you will learn
The drum major curriculum covers marching and conducting techniques, communication and leadership skills, and teaching tools. The philosophy behind the program is to provide drum major students and band leaders with a foundation in all these areas so they may return to their schools as a valuable supportive asset to their band directors. Students work closely with both Professor Parks and his staff. Each individual’s marching and conducting is evaluated through the use of video tape.

Students do not learn “conducting routines.” Emphasis is placed upon a clear concise beat pattern within a variety of time signatures and tempos. From large lecture settings to small groups of 5-6, students gather valuable information as they work to develop their own teaching techniques and a positive “how to teach” approach.

Those who are a part of the DMA program realize they must lead themselves to excellence before they can lead their band to an exemplary level of performance.

DMA students come home enthusiastic and ready to work! “I won’t deny, it was work, hard work,” says one DMA student. “We marched, commanded, marched, directed, marched some more, and worked up a sweat. But, the memories that came to my mind after are not those of the work or heat or sweat, but of the awesome friends I made, the good times we had, and what we learned. You better believe, it was SO worth it!”

Who should enroll?
Whether current drum major or desiring to pick up the necessary skills, all drum majors - actual or aspiring - should enroll in this leading drum major training ground. The leaders of tomorrow are the drum majors of today.

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