Music for All Summer Symposium presented by YAMAHA
Illinois State University, Normal, IL
June 21 - 26, 2010     |     Leadership Weekend Experience: June 19 - 21

Jazz Division presented in partnership with the Jazz Education Network (JEN)
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The Jazz Division at the Music for All Summer Symposium presented in partnership with the Jazz Education Network (JEN), delivers hands-on learning techniques that students and directors can put to immediate good use upon returning home. Jazz Music has been proclaimed by Congress to be America's only true art form! The music is loaded with excitement, and like our students, Jazz is culturally diverse. Our students hail from all parts of the nation.

Students will:
  • Learn the specifics of their instrument, and techniques to improve individual performance immediately through master classes with the jazz faculty.
  • Learn how to accomplish musical results through time-managed, focused rehearsals.
  • Learn with and from other musicians in their own age group, from all over the country.
  • Learn how to focus their time in the practice room.
  • Learn about improvisation and theory resources, specific to their level, that will enable them to continue the learning process after they leave camp.
  • Experience the history of jazz music.
  • Explore potential opportunities in higher education and career tracks in the music field.
  • Learn techniques that address the three learning skills: aural/oral, visual, and tactile.
Our world-renowned jazz faculty reads like a Who's Who in Jazz Education: Past and current faculty include Dr. Lou Fischer/jazz division head, Shelly Berg, Stan Smith, Robert Breithaupt, Steve Houghton, Doug Beach, Jim Culbertson, Ron Carter, Rex Richardson, Bret Zvacek, Mary Jo Papich, Dr. Ron McCurdy, and Michael Tomaro.

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Who should enroll?
The Jazz Division at Music for All's Summer Symposium is one of the leading Jazz "camps" in the nation, bolstering an all-star, world renowned faculty. Enrollment is encouraged and recommended for:
  • New & intermediate Jazz students
  • Experienced Jazz Ensemble & Combo Players
  • Students wanting to develop improvisational skills
  • Students desiring to enhance Big Band interaction and performance
  • Musicians looking to improve in personal development and time management
Jazz is FUN at MFA! Come explore it with us.