Music for All Summer Symposium presented by YAMAHA
Illinois State University, Normal, IL
June 21 - 26, 2010     |     Leadership Weekend Experience: June 19 - 21

Students: Leadership Weekend Experience
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The Leadership Weekend Experience is the first part of the Summer Symposium presented by Yamaha at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois.

The Leadership Weekend Experience is an intensive two-day interactive learning lab for leaders who want to really make things happen. Work with a team of leader educators from across the U.S., experiencing both "what it takes to lead" and "how you can make things happen" not just in rehearsal, but in life!

Dual Leadership Curriculum
The Summer Symposium offers this two-day program with a dual leadership curriculum - one for anyone who has attended the Leadership Weekend Experience before and one for those who are attending for the very first time. All returning participants will be learning even more at the Timber Pointe Outdoor Center's Challenge Course. If you attended the Leadership Experience last year, then you already know how much more there is to experience!

Who should attend: Section leaders, band officers, drum majors, all students with positions of leadership and who aspire to be leaders in their band, orchestra and in life.

What you'll learn: The Student Leadership Experience focuses on aspects of leadership dealing with attitude development, communication skills, personal responsibility, positive role modeling, sensitivity in working with peers, understanding of self-motivation, responsibility assessment, and action plans to achieve group goals.

Leadership Faculty
Student leaders will work with a team of dedicated leadership and motivational professionals who include top leadership facilitators and educators. It is hard-hitting, based on life-skills, and certain to make a measurable contribution to the health and welfare of your band or orchestra.

Experiential Leadership
The Leadership Weekend Experience includes unforgettable, hands-on workshops for team-building and problem solving that get your adrenaline pumping!

"Do I have to attend the full symposium week in order to attend the Leadership Preview?"
No, although the Leadership Preview is designed so that the ideas you will learn can be built upon during the full Symposium week. All students in the full week Symposium will continue their leadership experience with daily leadership workshops in addition to the leadership core built into every class.

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Download the Leadership Weekend Experience Flyer for more information.