Official Procedures and Adjudication Handbook
Current Rulebook

The following Bands of America OFFICIAL PROCEDURES and ADJUDICATION HANDBOOK (the "Rulebook") governs the operation and adjudication of Bands of America Fall Marching Championships. It is downloadable. Should you have any problems downloading the Rulebook, please call us at 800.848.2263. If requested, a hardcopy of the Rulebook is offered free (by mail) to BOA participating bands (one per school). The Rulebook is a BOA copyrighted document. Its contents (including the Adjudication Scoresheets and Criteria References) are owned by BOA and may not be used for a non-BOA show without BOA's permission.

Summary of Official Procedures and Adjudication Handbook Changes

Bands of America utilizes the input and guidance of an Advisory Board (comprised of participating band directors, our Chief Judge and active members of the judging community) along with the comments and input of BOA Participating Bands to annually review the BOA Official Procedures and Adjudication Handbook.

The Bands of America Official Procedures and Adjudication Handbook contains a number of changes recommended by the Advisory Board and approved by Bands of America.

We encourage you to review carefully the entire Official Procedures and Adjudication Handbook. This page has been created to assist you in identifying the significant changes to the Handbook that deserve your special attention. Please keep in mind that review of this memo is not a substitute for your reading and becoming familiar with the full Handbook!

Bands of America Mission Statement

Bands of America's mission is to create and PROVIDE POSITIVELY LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCES for students, teachers, parents and communities. Each of our events, contacts and interactions with you and your band program has this goal and mission in mind. That's the standard by which we invite you to judge and evaluate us.

Music GE and Visual GE Sheets Revised

Be sure to review carefully p. 33 of the Handbook (Section 2: Music General Effect) and page 43 (Section 5: Visual General Effect), as well as the accompanying Sheets and Box Descriptions.

See the "Memorandum from Our Chief Judge" for an explanation about the process and impact of the changes from Chief Judge, Gary Markham.

Additional BOA procedures

Field Passes: Each band will receive 25 field passes at every event, regardless of band size. No longer will bands be required to purchase extra passes. We still encourage you to bring as few adults onto the field as feasible. The remaining passes can be used as, and are, general admission tickets to the event.

Cooperative Tickets: Each band will receive 20 general admission day passes (good for prelims and finals) to each regional event. Each Grand Nationals participating band will receive 20 Semi-Finals tickets. The ticket choices have been eliminated.

Videotape of Performance Provided: Each director will receive a high camera video of his/her band's performances on site. The tape is intended to be used as a teaching tool in preparation for future performances.

Grand Nationals - Up to 90 Bands Can Enroll!

The Advisory Committee ratified a recommendation from BOA that up to 90 bands be allowed to enroll at Grand Nationals. This creates two preliminary competitions with up to 45 bands each.

Memorandum from Our Chief Judge

Official Procedures and Adjudication Handbook

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