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Our Donors
This listing reflects gifts and pledges processed between March 1, 2008 and July 31, 2009. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this listing. We apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions.

Music for All would like to thank every student, parent, alumnus, educator, family member, and fan for their individual contributions. Without the continued support of donors, we could no longer offer positively life-changing experiences. Each gift - of any amount - is significant and directly impacts MFA programming. If you would like to help ensure the future of these outstanding musical experiences, please call the MFA Development Department at 317-524-6233.

Larry and Joy McCormick Founders Society ($10,000+)
Arts Council of Indianapolis
Arts Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Alliance for Arts Education
CMC Global
Gayl and Beverly Doster
The Feldstein Family
Guitar Center
Kirkpatrick Foundation, Inc.
NAMM Foundation
Larry and Joy McCormick
New Jersey State Council on the Arts
Sport Graphics

Sandy Feldstein Leadership Society ($5,000 - $9,999)
Anonymous (2)
Tim and Eileen Bergen
Eugene and Marilyn Glick Family Foundation
Fred J. Miller, Inc.
Steve Orander
John P. Paynter Foundation
John Paul Mitchell Systems
New Hampshire State Council on the Arts
Marietta Paynter
Glenn Price
Yvonne Shaheen

Chairman's Circle ($2,500 - $4,999)
Barnes and Thornburg, LLP
Nancy Carlson
Michael Cesario
Scott Collins
Georgia Dome
Tom and Cindy Herald
Wendy and Michael Kumer
Marching Show Concepts, Inc.
Eric L. Martin
Fred and Annie Martinez
Kris and Scott McCormick
Michael and Monica Murray
New Horizons Tour and Travel, Inc.
Pacers Foundation, Inc.
Pride of Broken Arrow Marching Band, OK
St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission

President's Circle ($1,000 - $2,499)
Anonymous (2)
BF & S Insurance
Greg Bimm
Bryant High School Band Staff and Students, AR
Patrick Burley
Ryan Bybee
Matthew and Leslie Carter
Centerville High School Staff and Students, OH
Mike and Louisa Chiasson
Collins Hill High School Band Students and Staff, GA
Patrick Durio
Col. Arnald Gabriel
Gerry and Carol Geisen
George Rogers Clark High School Band Students and Staff, KY
Chad Starns and Crystal Grave
Harrison High School Band Boosters, GA
Harrison High School, GA
Hendrickson High School, TX
The Holman Family
Stu and Sharon Holzer
Kraft Foods
Father Christopher Kulig
L.D. Bell Band Staff, TX
Lew White Tours
Harvey and Lisa Littman
Dwight and Lisa Lueck
MacAllister Machinery Company, Inc.
Marian Catholic High School, IL
Norh Penn Music Aides
Tim and Rhonda Ochran
Linda Parker
Bruce and Bonita Paynter
Shirely Pundt
Richland High School, TX
Daniel Romano
Norm Ruebling/MO-X
Gene Sease
South Brunswick High School Band Program, NJ
Camilla Stasa
Stephen F. Austin High School Marching Band and Angels Dance Team, TX
Stephen F. Austin High School Bulldog Band Booster Club, TX
Robert Stone
Bob Swaney
Scott Taylor
Frank Troyka
Mike Back, Jeff Pollock and the Walton High School Band organization
Bill Watson
The Staff and Students of Western Brown High School, OH

Conductor's Circle ($500 - $999)
A&M Consolidated High School Student Council, TX
Alan C. Pope High School Band Students, GA
Rocky Binder
Sean Briggs
Jim and Marie Cahal
Francis Caudell
Coca Cola Foundation
Paula Crider
Jefferson Davis
Bruce Dinkins
Douglas and Amanda Droste
Marguerite Ference
Dick and Cheryl Floyd
Geo. E. Fern Company
Greenwalt Sponsel and Company
Lou and JoAnne Hancock
Chris Harris
Elizabeth Heathcock
John Hobyak
Joyce Hojnacki and Children
Hudson High School, MA
Connie and Neva Hutton
Donald and Shannon Jaramillo
Jenn Foundation
King Philip Music Association
Kraft Foods
Ned and Martha Lamkin
Valere Lawler
Larry Livingston
Norm Logan
Lumina Foundation
David Moore
Steve Olsen
Cindy Quinlan
Reginald Richwine
Pat Garett Rooney
Rosemount High School Band, MN
Mark and Cathy Runion
Anita Sherman
Thomas Snyder
Southwest Emblem Company
Stephen K. Steele
Symphony Publishing, LLC
Dean and Adrianna Westman
William S. Hart High School Band, CA

Virtuoso ($250-$499)
Lynne Aldrich
Joe and Jeri Allison
Anonymous (4)
Avon Band and Orchestra Boosters, IN
BEA Systems
Cathy Bednarek
The Berryhill Blue and Gold Brigade, OK
Julie Brewer-Smith
James Campbell
David Carbone
William and Carolyn Carter
Robert Cavalier
Cecilia Cicco
John Clinkman and Janet Blackman
Kelly Cooper O'Neill
Jim and Vicki Csenar
Darrin and Karin Davis
Michael and Judith Dicker
Wayne Dillon
Wayne Downey
Bill Eagleson
Kim Everett
Bridgewater Raritan High School Band Boosters, NJ
Drew Farmer
Jeffery Fiedler
Kevin and Jeannine Ford
Greg Forsthoefel
Gap Foundation
Le Roy Goff
John Greene
Brooke Hanaway
Matt and Susie Harloff
Harrison High School Band Boosters, GA
Matt and Joli Heavin
Ken and Lisa Heda
Catherine Hepp
Harry Howisen
Lori Hunter
Hylant Group
Bert Johnson
Mary Kenney
Kings Music Association, Kings High School
Franz and Deborah Krager
Debbie Laferty Asbill
Dave Lawrence and Jim May
Lawrence Central Tradition Campaign, IN
Lilly Endowment, Inc.
Jarrett Lipman
P.E. and Fran MacAllister
Anthony Maiello
Ken Martinson/
Joy McCormick
Shaelin McCormick
David McGrath
Thomas Meyer
Natalie and Craig Mince
Barry Morgan
Music Service Club
Steven Nedvidek
Northmont High School 2008-2009 Concert and Marching Band Members, OH
Troy Peterson
Jeff Raff
Larry Rebillot
Joshua Salop
Stan Schoonover
Andrew Schweiger
Terry Spaulding
Charles Springer
Bill, Suzanne, and Conner Taylor
Josh Torres
Don Unfried
Robert Wagner
Al Welk
Seth Williams
Shelley Winkler
John Wirtz
Dick and Fran Zentner

Friends ($100-$249)
Thomas Akins
Rosanne Ammirati
Anonymous (8)
Carolyn Armbruster
Alison Ashbury
Leslie Babb
Cindy and Paul Bammel
Brian Barfield
Christopher Barnum
Bayly, Inc.
Lawrence Beavers
Alice Beckman
Thomas Beckwith
Dagmar Benge
Kimberly Bennett
Shelton Berg
Jeff Beringer
Sabra Black
Carl A. Bly
Todd Bonner
Genie Brown
Catherine Bruhn
Mary Helen Ekstam and Karl Bruhn
Allan Brumley
Gina Bruner
Greg Brzeszkiewicz
Leslie Buck
Mary and Brent Burkhart
Kevin and Doreen Campbell
Paula Carey
Kevin Carlson
Scott and Janice Casagrande
Consultech Technologies, Inc.
Emily Chalifoux
Greg Charleston
Debbie Chlum
Christopher and Cynthia Coble
Elizabeth Cohen
Marcia Cole
Art Conner
Patricia Consolo
Harold and Ramona Conway
Catherine Cromer
Dawn Crossman, Inc.
Jeffrey Cutter
Steven and Deanne Dahl
Joanne Dale
Darold Davis
The Dawson Family
Elizabeth DePuy
Angela and David Devore
Lori Dixon
Rick Doxtader
Brian Drake
Diane Drumheiser
Amy Duchesneau
Susan DuPuis
Carolyn Ealy
Roger Eaton
Lora Eckle
Walter and Eileen Edmisten
Punhau Bruce Chik and Julia Fan
Kenneth Fedinets
Christopher and Paje Felts
Peggy Fenwick
The Ferdelman Family
Robert Fernandez
Rebecca Ferrebee
Nancy Fischer
Melissa Francis
Daniel Franco
Audra Frezza
William Galvin
The Gathering
Stacie Ward
Cindy George
Jill George
Lori Gerken
Melanie Glazer
Gregory Gonthier
Owasso Band Students, OK
Gary Gorzynski
Lora Graves
Laurie and Frank Grey
Kimberly Guercio
Susan Guindon
Mu Phi Epsilon, Lambda Chapter
Paul Guzewicz
Daniel Haeck
Bruce Haiduk
Linda Hancock
Debbie Hanks
Ralph Hardimon
Jennifer Harding
Steve and Tracie Hardy
Don Harkey
Chris Harmon
Stacy and Vicky Hart
Cathleen Hartiga-Anderson
Joseph and Mary Hartl
Christopher Hartowicz
Joe Hauser
Jean Haynes
Douglas Head
Katherine Helm
Donald Hensley
Joshua Henson
David Herchko
Elizabeth Hjulstrom
Mark and Monica Hoffman
Brian Hoffmeister
Gretchen Holter
James Hopper
Michael Horr
John Howell
Ann Marie Hughes
Linda Hughes
Eric and Becky Hunt
The Instrumentalist
Anne Jackson
David and Kitty Janise
Al Johnson
Bonnie Johnson
Brett and Cynthia Johnson
Lynn and Tony Johnson
Ralph Johnson
Allison Jones
Mary Jones
The Kazyaka Family
Patrick Keating
Jane Kelling
Angela Keshavan
Sharon Kibbe
Kray Kibler
Linda King
Bess Knepley
Theresa Krohn
Paul Labbe
Carol Laferty
Bobby Lambert
Phil Lambert
Tricia Leminger
Jeannine and Christopher Leyden
William Louthan
M.J. Cahn Co., Inc.
Phil Madden
Jacquelyn Magnuson
Marcus Band Booster Club, TX
Wayne Markworth
Cheryl Mason
James McCallum
The Frick Family
Andrew and Leslie McDonough
Gary McEntire
Johanna McFadden
Tammy McKelvey
Keith McMonigle
Colleen McNeely-Paul
Geraldine McPherson
Ronald Michalak
Kari Miller
CJ Milosevich
John and Deb Minter
Martin Montonya
Nan Moore
Steve Moore
Barry and Terry Moore
Linda Moorehouse
Paige Morris
Lee Nassau
Laurie O'Brien
Marla O'Connor
Ulf Ottoson
Robert and Valerie Page
Mary Jo Papich
Margene Pappas
Bob Paradiso
Lisa Paradiso
Lisa Paris
Jim and Wendy Pearson
Mrs. Randal G. Penrice
Lindsay Perry
Doug and Deborah Peters
Michele Peters
Janice Peterson
Ginny Peterson
Sherri Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. T. Piotrowski
Lucy Pleak
Douglas Presley
Fred Proctor
Amy and Chris Protho
John Ramey
Jack Ratica
The Revak Family
Frankie Reynolds
Becky Richards
David Rickard
Russel Rickard
Mark Ritter
Mr. and Mrs. James Rockwell
Constance Rohrer
Marilyn Rolseth
John Rost
Wesley Russell
Eric Sabach
Suzanne Sample
Cindy Sandmann
Bill and Diane Schaefer
Timothy Schroeer
Jenny Schuster
David Schweiger
Kathleen Scott
Susan Shuman
The Samerian Foundation
Frank Smith
Roberta Smith
Stan Smith
Robert Snyder
Zach and Patti Snyder
Lisa Songer
Douglas Spaniol
Jeffrey Stahl
William Stevenson
Frank Stewart
Jeffrey and Janet Stroebel
William and Judith Stuber
Matthew Stultz
Bill Sucha
Brian Sullivan
Shawn Swales
Adam Taylor
Mike Taylor
John and Dorothy Tecklenburg
Terry Terhune
Travis Tester
Heather Thomas
Jennifer Thomas
Denise Torrisi
Catherine and Angelo Unelli
Chris Upjohn
Heather Van Steenburgh
Cindy and Randy Vaughn
Peggy Venable
Nick Walker
Betsy Walter
Mary Walter
Laura Ward
Linda Weaver
Jay Webb
Robert Weber
Jill Weiss
Margene West
Alison Whiddon
Hughlen and Amy White
Clarke Williams
Caorl Wilson
Doyle Wilson
The Wythe Family
Larry York

Additional Donations
David Abbott
Stephanie Abernathy
Margaret Abrams
Steven Abreu
Kelly Adams
Mark Adams
Jean Adduci
Jill Adduci Davis
Tammy Ahmed
Theresa Aiena
Heather Akyoshi
Tayo Akomolede
Tim Allshouse
Cheryl Ampel
Justin Anderson
Martin Anderson
Sandra Angell
Nicholas Annan
Anonymous (95)
Connie Anoskey
Lane Armey
Mindy Arndt
Michael Ary
David Asbell
Peggy and Tim Ashton
Dennis Aten
Brent Augustson
Joel Auringer
Joey Aycock
Sabrina Bachorski
Iden Baghdadchi
Catherine Baker
Josh Baker
Dan Balash
Daniel Ballori
Kerry Balthrop
Chris Barber
Timothy Barker
Gary Barnard
Sarah Barnes
Todd Barnhart
Miranda Barr
Brandon Barrometti
Susan Bartlett
Billie Barton
Kenneth Bartos
James and Lori Bartug
Dee Bassett
Marie Baughman
Michael Baum
Emily Bax
Adriane Baylis
Ted Bazany
Ronda Beard
Caitlin Bearicks
Ellen Bearicks
Kim Beaudoin
Kristin Beck
Andrew Beckwith
Scott Beebe
Beechwood Band Boosters, KY
Allyson Bell
Charles Bella
Katherine Bellis
Bob and Kathy Belzeski
Travis Benjamin
Bill Bennett
Rich and Carol Benson
Gregory Bentch
Christopher Berg
Linda Bertram
Kevin and Sue Bertrand
Rebecca Bevel
Josh Bibbs
Jennifer Bilton
Blane Black
Holly Blake
Laura Blake
Lenore Blanton
Shelley Bleil
Andy Bliss
Amanda Bloom
Christopher Blossom
Anne Blount
Robert Bocarro
Lyn and Craig Boehme
Hannah Boettger
David Boggs
Laura Bolden
The Boles Family
Cathy Bondarowicz
Matt Bonfield on behalf of
The Bonner Family
Terri Bonner
Jason Bonny
Matthew Boston
Mark Bowen
Lynda Bowen
Seth Bradtmueller
Michael Brahm
Pam Brandon
Courtney Brandt
Gordon Brannon
Jerry and Brenda Brant
Kennard Britton
Tom and Debi Brocious
Tracy Brodeur
Julie Brooke
Andrew Brooks
Justin Broome
Melissa Brosnan
Lou and Kathy Brotchner
Jeremy Brown
Mindy and Jim Brown
Sean Buchsbaum
Evan Lynn Budzinski-Hale
The Buendia Family
Kristen Bumgardner
Jessica Burge
Mark Burke
Kim Burlingame
Elizabeth Burns
Robert Burns
Randal Burris
Jill Burscough
Katherine Burt
Pam and Randy Buster
Jacqueline Butcher
W. Scott and Laura Butzen
Terri and Alan Buynak
Diane Byrum
Ryan Cain
Cynthia Cali
Jonathan Calvanelli
Larry and Donna Campbell
Patrick Campbell
Phillip Campbell
Rick Campbell
Kay Cannon
Jonathan Cao
Dennis and Shelly Carnevale
Scott Carpenter
Michelle Cartier
Andrew Castaneda
Michael Cavalieri
Robert Cawthorn
Wilson and Shing-Hung Chan
Brian Chapin
Michael Chappell
Dawn and Mike Cheatham
Stacy Chenault
Phil Chester
Hannah Christian
Brandye Clark
Todd and Kristi Clark
Robbie Clark
Ray and Deborah Claus
Bryan Clayton
Tom Clemmer
Susan Clemons
Don and Stephanie Click
Dean Coburn and Kim Lemley
Colette Cocokios
Jordan Coker
Janelle Colborne
Katherine Colletti
Megan Colletti
Diana Collims
Kathy Collins
Mark Collison
Andy Combites
Randall Commissaris
Thomas Connelly
The Conrad Family
Charles Cook
J. Scott Cooksey
Melinda Copeland
Joan Cordonnier
Chad Coughlin
Patricia Creech
Dan and Carol Creeden
J.W. Crenshaw
Brendan Crise
James Critchnau
Mindy Cunningham
Jeremy Currens
Michael Curtsinger
Beth Czechanski
Rene Dae
Jerry and Audrey Dalton
Suzanne Daniels
Karen McGirr Daugherty
Cora Davidson
Daniele De Lessio
Arlene De Sousa
Janice DeAmicis
Derek DeGuire
Beverly DeJarnett
Tim and Lynette DeJong
Judy and Gary DeMarco
Katrina Demlow
Dawn Denman
Carthy Deringer
The DeRossi Family
Clarke and Terrell Dickerson
Lorie Dilanchian
Thomas Dirks
Eric Dobry
Catherine Dodd
Barbara Doll
Pam Donahoo
John and Fran Donahue
Wendie Dooley
Pat Dorris
Sam Doss
Mhairi Doty
Samantha Dougan
Cicely Down
The Downham Family
Benjamin Dralle
Marianna Drinkard
Gary and Sharon DuLong
Larry Dunkel
John Duthie
Karen Duthie
Eric Earley
Keith Earley
Jennifer Easter
Geraldine Eaton
Katie Eaton
Kristi Eberly
Andrew Ebert
Arthur Ebert
Michelle Eboch
Stephen Eckel
Jodell and Charles Eckstein
Ian Edwards
Valerie Eisenbart
Rania El-Kareh
Jeff Ellis
Travis Elrod
Dale Enders
Dan England
Eileen English
Dwayne and Stephanie Engram
Sean Enter
Jennifer Epstein-Caswell
Diane Erbland
Nancy Ernstes
Renee Euler
Nathan Faber
Missy Fairs
Nick Fantazzi
Kim Farrington
Sepideh Fatima
Kimberly Fath
Michelle Faw
Dale Fehl
Cindy Ferdelman
Jessica Fife
William Finlon
Steven Finn
Peter Fitzgerald
Craig Fitzpatrick
Barbara Fleming
Nora Flom
Katherine Florack
Florida Congress of Parents
Laura Devaney Foote
Ben and Sandy Ford
Jason Ford
Amy Fornek-Charny
Arlen Forsstron
Karen Francois
Kelly Freeman
Jim and Timarie Freeman
Michael Frey
The Fritz Family
Brian Fuerst
Lisa Fults
James Fultz
James Furr
Kent Gagnon
Michael Gaines
Doug and Nancy Galusha
Barry Gang
Marvin Gang
Chris Gardner
Richard Gauthier
Constance Gaw
Doug Gearhart
Nancy Gerst
Greg Gibson
Edward Gignac
Jackie Gilley
Phil Gilmore
Sarah Gisondi
Kenneth Glennie
Byron Goble
Jonathon Gold
Kimberli and TravisGoldston
The Gonyon Family
Robert Goodhand
Arupa Gopal
David and Jana Gorham
Matt and Ann Marie Gornick
John Gossett
Gary Goudelock
Kelly and Brian Gowan
Jeanette Gowen
Edward Graham
Stephen Graham
Mandy Grahn Williams
John Gray
Arlene Green
Rachel Greene
Ronda Greenwade
Steve and Linda Grindle
Kurt Gros
Richard Gross
Erika Gruner
Jessie Guercio
Lily Guerrero
Matt Guion
Kevin Gumowski
Verlyn Gunnink
Karen Gutman
Michelle Hachigian
Christine and Nicholas Haddad
Rommell Hadley
Sharon Hagan
Marie Hain
Heather Hall
Todd Hall
Judy Haltom
Mike Hamilton
Ryan Hamilton
Andrew Hammond
Heather Hanson
Kathy Harcourt
Tony Hardin
Steven Hare
Heather Harnvanich
Kelly and Ron Harpold
Ginger Harris
Roberta Hart
Adrian Hartsough
David Harvey
John Harvey
John and Fran Hasbrouch
Ed Hauser
Kimberley Hawkinson
Color Q Printing
Amanda Haynes
Carol Healy
Thomas Heathcock
James Heatwole
John Heckman
Susan Hefner
Jim and Tammie Hegarty
Dylan Helgeson
Edward Helmold
Michele Henderson
Crystal Hendricks-Kretzner
Beverly Hennegan
Francis Hennessy
Steve, Katie, Kathy, and Chris Hensel
Christopher Hepp
Veta and George Herbaugh
Antonio Hernandez
Julie Herring
Teri Heywood
Patrice Hickey
Julie Hill
Sandy and Allen Hill
Josh Hines
Kaitlyn Hinman
Zachary Hinson
Kay Hlava
Eric Hoadley
Elinor Hoar
Gloria Hoefler
Heather Hojnacki
Dwan Holappa
Robert Holcombe
Brian Holt
John and Michelle Holts
Deeann Hooper
Barbara Hoover
Kacie Hoover
Deirdre Hope
Michael Horan
Darrel Horton
Matthew Houser
Sue Howe
Mary Huber
Daniel Huculak
Bill Hueter
Timothy Huizenga
John Humphrey
Valerie Hurta
Linda Hutchins
Amber Irvin
Maureen Jackson
Robert, Janice and Ben Jagger
Julie Jakery
Jodi James
Blake and Jacquelyn Jancius
Mary Jarinko
Stephanie Jensen
Scott Jessup
Stephen Jessup
Tyler Johns
Barbara Johnson
Belinda Johnson
Greg Johnson
Jerry Johnson
John Johnson
Joshua Johnson
Katie Johnson
Marge and Jerry Johnson
Mitch Johnson
Molly Johnson
Mary Joiner
Terri Jones
Alex and Amy Judd
Elissa Judd
Kimberly Jurinek
Ross Kadish
Jane Kaiser
Dan and Xan Kasprzak
Christine Katzman
Olga and Steven Kay
Steven Kay
Michael Keen
Colin Kennedy
Kjartan Kennedy
Michael Kenyon
Patricia Kerrigan
Brandon Kesler
Betsy and Sergei Khamdiev
Phyllis and Bernie Kiernan
Sandi Kikendall
Inbok and Roy Kim
Rebecca Kimmell
Lee Kimmins
Brittany Kinder
Alyshia Kisor
Christerpher Klaus
Doug Kleopfer
Lynne Kliesrath
Bryan Klopack
Carol Knauss
Traci Knox
Niels Knutson
Julie Koble
Michelle Kochan
Christopher Koepke
Anne Koeplinger
Susan Kohler
Melanie Kolpitcke
Angela Konen
Grace Kong
Neil Konouchi
Mary Kopec
Keriann Kordas
The Korte Family
Melissa Korzelius
Diana Kostrubiak
Lawrence Kramer
Jeremiah Kramper and Rebecca Cutler
Ryan Krapf
Pete Krejci
Cindy Krekelberg
Karen Krinsky Leon
Jeanette Krueger
Veronique Kruger
Denver Kryder
Jane Kuipers
Patricia Kuipers
Jennifer Kuntz
Brian Kwan
Susan Kyle
Russell LaForte
John Lack
Tricia Lambert
Johnny Land
Dan Landon
Britt Larson
Jessica Larson
Chelsea and Carlye Latas
Krissy Laubernds
Donny Lavrenz
Christina Lear
Karen Lear
Kristen Leard
Christina Lee
Bruce Leetch
Dan and Jeannette Lemieux
Vicki Lemke
Justine LePore-Long
Jan Leussink
Kevin and Kathy Leverence
David Levine
Rick Lewallen
Lisa Lewis
Nancy Lewis
Rhonda Lewis
Elaine Lindsay
Kevin Lintjer
Domingo Llagostera
Dennis and Susan Lockwood
Denise Locy
Reverand Carmella Lofrano Braico
Kaycee Logsdon
Andrea J. Long
Elaine Long
Stephen Long
Jonathan and Beth Denenberg Lowe
Sandra Lowe
Melinda Lucas
Lisa Luering
Jeffrey Lundberg
Denise Lundy
John Lundy
Susan Lundy
Gail Lutz
Keith Lutz
Linde Lynn
Bruce Macartney
Roxanna Macheel
Dennis Mack
Shane Macklin
Stewart MacLean
Toshia Maffey
David Mairs
Holly Maldonado
Laura Maloney
Lynda March
Victoria Marez
Kari Marino
Joyce Markaity
Leigh Anne Markaity
June Markey
Walter Marschner
Debbie Martin
Ronald Martin
John Mason
Steve Matuszak
Erin Maurer
The Maxwell Family
Joseph Mayhoff
Cassandra Mays
Sally McBane
Robert McCarthy
William McCarthy
Karen McClain
Dennis McClish
Lee McComb
Shawn McCoy
Stephen McCoy
Nancee McCraw
Caitlin and Todd McCready
Richard McCready
Renea McCurry
Julie McDonald
Steven McDonald
Peter McGirr
Fiona McGowan
Daniel and Maureen McGrath
Kathryn McGuire
Kathy McGuire
Chuck and Linda McHargue
Jessica McLellan
Samantha McLeod
Joyce McMullen
Kevin McNulty
Kevin McNulty
Cory Meals
Cheryl Melvin
Laurie Merritt
Christopher Millar
Dennis and Ann Miller
Eric Miller
Jeffrey Miller
Kyle Miller
Laurie Miller
Elizabeth Milward
Kathie Miranda
Bill and Cheryl Mish
Brian Mitchell
Frances Mitskavich Vink
Irene Mo
Jennifer Moesner
Heather Mokerski
Rhonda Mokerski
David Mollenkamp
Conrad Moore
Kay Moore
Maureen Morantz
Jake Morgan
Patricia Morgan
Bob and Nora Morrison
Karen Mosley
Lori Moss
Howard Moths
David Mottaz
Samantha Mouchet
Cind Mulcahy
Thomas Mulchrone
Siobhan Mullen
David Munoz
Kim Naber
Carol Nagy
National Semiconductor
Jeff Neavor
Chris Neidhardt
Kay Neldon
Cherry Nellessen
Charlissa Nelson
Sam Nelson
Sara Neumann
Diane Newberry
Jonathan Nicolosi
Christopher Nolan
Carlos Noriega
Mark Norman
Dusty Norris
Judith Norton
John Noss
Kevin Nowak
Carol Nowobilski
Mary Nykyforczyn
Jeff O'Donnell
Shawn O'Kelley
Nancy Olah
Debra Olson
Karl Olson
Kara Orsak
Betty Orton
Mitchell Otten
Trevor Ousey
Mark Overholt
Welsey Owen
Robert Owens
Dusty Page
Olga Pajarillaga
Drew Paller
Marc Pantarotto
John Papandria
Jonathan Parker
Brendan Parks
Wallace Parks
Brittany Parling
Chad Parmenter
Kerrin Parris
Jeffrey Partain
Judy Patton
Sharon Paulson
Jeff Payne
Jane Pechacek
Jared Peden
Ryan Pegrem
Mary Peloquin
Mary Pence
The Peppel family
Joni Perez
Rhonda Perez
Susanne Perram
Richard Peters
Elizabeth Petrassi
Mike Pettinger
J. Phares
Margaux Phares
Darlene Phillips
Rene Pietryga
Heather Pleak
Cynthia Ponder
Jenny Porter
Julia Porter
Matt Potter
Shirley Potter
Linda Poulter
Cathie Powell
Staci Powell
William and Leigh-Ann Powers
Stephen Prather
Benjamin Prewitt
Aimee Princeton-Brown
Alyse Princeton-Common
Ken Prins
Andy Prochaska
Nichole Proulx
Deborah Pruitt
Deborah Puckett
Jori Pulver
Jonathan Pwu
Steven Pyter
Michael Quast
Alan Queen
Lynn Quinn
Scott Ragland
Kevin Ragsdale
Michelle Rain
Rachele Raloff
Roland Ramirez
Carolyn Ramsay
Leslie Ramusack
Amy Rasmussen
Tony Real
Beth Redden
Stephanie Redlingshafer
Pam Reed
John Reeder
Larry Reeves
Julie Reid
The Reigelsperger Family
Cheryl Reynolds
Michael Rhode
Kathy Rhoden
Barb Rhodes
Howard Rhodes
Ben Rice
Justin Richards
Natalie Richards
Stephanie Richardson
Karen Richter
Helen Ricketts
Mark Riedmueller
Mark Riel
Chris Rigone
Priscilla Rinehart
Michael Ripoli
Sarah Ritchie
Jaime Roberts
Melinda Robinson
Joe Rocklin
Donna Rodriguez
Gregory Roeder
Renee Romeo-Work
Jerome Rork
Janice Rosado
Myron Rosander
Elizabeth Rosato
Richard Rose
Ruth Rosenberg
Sarah Rosenberg
Lisa Ross
James Roth
Tammy Rowden
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Lucia and Richard Sack
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Gina, Michelle, and the Sciortino Family
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Springfield Indoor Air Quality, LLC
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The Family of Eric Stevenson
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Tau Beta Sigma, Alpha Omega Chapter
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RLI Insurance Co. Matching Gift Fund
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The Tobias Family
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