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Leadership Articles

Author's note:
Over the past two decades I have enjoyed the tremendous opportunity to present leadership seminars to students, teachers, administrators, and business professionals throughout the nation. Leadership, unlike many disciplines, is constantly shifting, evolving, changing, and "becoming." In fact, the more we learn about the art of leadership, the more puzzling and mysterious it becomes. Modern day leadership experts continue to highlight the importance of developing leadership values along with the understanding of systemic leadership techniques. The shift from people control to group empowerment is a common theme in today's contemporary leadership training; ultimately, the welfare of the people is the primary concern. The process becomes equally as important as the product.

Music programs are perfect settings for leadership training. The ensemble culture represents a microcosm of the community environment and requires a cast of leaders to teach, explain, create, and serve the various members of the musical society. Student leaders are not a luxury, but a necessity, therefore the selection, training, and guidance of these young leaders is a crucially important aspect of every band director's daily responsibility. The following chapter is a leadership blueprint dedicated to helping you and your students develop a positive and productive student leadership curriculum that will serve the band in achieving excellence in every aspect of the band program.

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The Selection and Development of Effective Student Leaders

Foundation on Contemporary Leadership

Key Values of a Student Leader

The Selection of Student Leaders Requires a Certain Maturity

Selecting Student Leaders: Personal Qualities for Qualification

Are You Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution? Finding Solution-Driven Student Leaders

A Poem: I Went on a Search to Become a Leader