Grand National Championships presented by YAMAHA
Grand National Championships Housing Bureau

The Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association (ICVA) handles all housing reservations. To guarantee your reservation, requests must be submitted to the ICVA by October 11 using one of the methods below.

Step One: Determine your booking method
Are you booking 2 or less rooms? read below
Are you booking rooms for groups needing 3 or more hotel rooms?
If so, download the group housing reservation form (PDF)

Step Two: Mail or fax the completed form to:
Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association (ICVA) Housing Bureau
P.O. Box 7248
Indianapolis, Indiana 46207
PHONE: 317.684.2573
FAX: 317.684.2492

Deadline: October 11, 2010
NOTE: Participating groups and booster organizations are required to make their hotel reservations through the ICVA Housing Bureau or online.

Please direct any hotel housing related questions to BOA's Indianapolis Housing Coordinator at 317.635.4755

Bands requiring only one night must contact cmcglobal to make housing arrangements.

Booking for 2 or less rooms
It is encouraged that you make your reservations online
Reservation website for two or less rooms
Reservations made online require a valid credit card.

Cancellations and Changes
Cancellations on or after 9/24/10 and prior to 11/2/10 incur a $25.00 fee per room from the Housing Bureau. All cancellations during this time frame must be made with the Housing Bureau via mail or fax.

Cancellations after 11/2/10 must be made direct with your confirmed hotel and may incur a cancellation fee of one nights room rate plus tax for EACH room cancelled.

Note: This cancellation policy pertains to band groups as well as individuals.