Regional Championships presented by YAMAHA

How are performance times scheduled?
Performance times are scheduled based on a random draw. Equal Priority Scheduling will occur for paid applications received on or before Jan. 31, 2010 All entries postmarked after January 31, 2010, will be scheduled by earliest postmark date. Full enrollment at each Regional is 30 bands; Super Regional, 60 bands; Grand Nationals, 90 bands.

Enrollment Options

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Download the 2010 Regional, Super Regional and Grand National Championships Application Packet (PDF)

Download the Fall information brochure (PDF)

Because Bands of America uses a large number of collegiate facilities, certain dates on our schedule cannot be finalized until affected conferences issue final fall football and television schedules. Any schedule changes will be communicated to all participating bands. "Postmark" dates and Ticket Cooperative fees will be "protected" should a site or date change require you to transfer to another BOA Regional date/site, or withdraw. If a change occurs, you will have until an announced date to make a change and still protect your postmark date and Participation Cooperative Fee. Participation Cooperative Fees are not otherwise transferrable from one event to another. Bands that withdraw from an event will not receive Cooperative tickets and will only be entitled to a refund per refund policy as described in the Fall Application packet.

Who can enroll in Bands of America Championships?
All high school bands are eligible to enroll in BOA Regional and Grand National marching band championships. BOA defines a high school band as one in which all participating members are registered at the same high school, and students from all feeder elementary, junior high and middle schools; or one where members are part of a single band with a recognized joint program and membership in such band is the only high school marching program offered to students. All events are open on a first-come, first-served basis. Bands do not have to enroll in a Regional Championship to enroll in Grand Nationals. Applications must be signed by both the director and the school principal or superintendent and must be accompanied by the Participation Cooperative Fee. We also encourage new participants and veterans of BOA events alike to consider the Fall Preview Experiences. These early season, non-competitive exhibition/evaluation events will afford bands the opportunity to perform at BOA events and receive an immediate clinic/evaluation experience from one of our BOA evaluators.

What is the enrollment process?
Enrollment is complete once you have submitted an application form, signed by the band director and school principal, and the participation cooperative fee. See the Regional and Grand National Application Form for specifics on the Ticket Cooperative.