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Seattle and San Francisco Have The Greatest
Number of Arts Businesses Per Capita

Washington D.C.—June 28, 2004—Americans for the Arts released today its first national Creative Industries Study which analyzes in detail the locations of arts-related businesses, institutions, and organizations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The study combines Dun & Bradstreet data (as of January 2004) and geo-economic analysis to map the presence of these arts-related entities in six creative industries: museum/collections; performing arts; visual/photography; film, radio, TV; design/publishing; and schools/services.

The Creative Industries Study reveals that 11 standard metropolitan statistical areas have more than 10,000 arts-related businesses, institutions, and organizations (both for-profit and nonprofit) each. Those metropolitan areas, as well as the remaining top 20, are:

City Arts Businesses
New York 54,895
Los Angeles 48,862
San Francisco 21,232
Washington, DC 16,360
Chicago 16,261
Dallas 14,202
Boston 13,060
Seattle 12,138
Philadelphia 11,328
Houston 10,834
Atlanta 10,567
Detroit 9,209
Miami 9,166
Denver 7,221
San Diego 6,886
Minneapolis 6,791
Phoenix 6,007
Cleveland 4,870
Tampa 4,406
St. Louis 4,294

When ranked by number of arts-related businesses, institutions and organizations per capita, the top 20 metropolitan areas are:

City Bus. Per 1000
Seattle 3.415
San Francisco 3.016
Los Angeles 2.984
Denver 2.797
Dallas 2.720
New York 2.589
Atlanta 2.570
San Diego 2.447
Miami 2.365
Houston 2.320
11. Minneapolis 2.287
12. Boston 2.244
13. Washington, DC 2.150
14. Phoenix 1.847
15. Philadelphia 1.831
16. Tampa 1.798
17. Chicago 1.776
18. Detroit 1.688
19. Cleveland 1.653
20. St. Louis 1.649

The creative industries are composed of arts-centric businesses, institutions, and organizations that range from museums, symphonies, and theaters to film, architecture, and advertising companies. Nationally, creative industry businesses number 548,000 (4.3 percent of all U.S. businesses) and they employ 2.99 million people (2.2 percent of all employees). The creative industries also provide the essential fuel that drives the “information economy”—the fastest growing segment of the nation's economy.

With the Creative Industries Study , Americans for the Arts has the capacity to analyze data and provide mapping for virtually any city, county, state or Congressional legislative district, and state in the nation. For each such area the statistics can include the name of the business sector, the number of companies—including nonprofits—within the sector, and the number of people employed by those companies. The data can be sorted by population, number of arts businesses, number of employees, and on a per capita basis.

“This study reveals, for the first time, the extraordinary presence of the creative industries throughout our nation,” said Robert L. Lynch, President and CEO of Americans for the Arts. “With the growth of the information age, the arts are now a fundamental component of the U.S. economy, and one in which every state and virtually every community has a stake.”

For additional information on the study click here or contact Virginia Anagnos—212-576-2700.

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