Advocacy: Critical Issues
MFA's IPS partnership shows how music closes achievement gap

Across the country, studies have shown that students involved in music education programs perform better on academic achievement tests. In Indianapolis, it's more than a statistic. Music for All's outreach partnership with Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) has made a positively life-changing impact on the city's students. (Full story)

New Jersey - Better Accountability Needed

Music for All has just released the ground-breaking report WITHIN OUR POWER: The Progress, Plight and Promise of Arts Education for Every Child documenting the current state of arts education in more than 2300 public schools. (Full Story)

Study Shows "No Child Left Behind" Curtails Study of the Arts

The first significant study of how the No Child Left Behind Act is influencing instructional time and professional development reveals that schools are spending more time on reading, math, and science but squeezing out the arts. (Full Story)

Governor Huckabee Signs Landmark Legislation that makes Arkansas the Nation's Leader in Arts Education

The Arkansas Legislature overwhelmingly approved a heavily amended HB1034 which will ensure music and art education is provided to every K-6 student taught by certified teachers. A major victory ensuring music and art instruction for 350,000 children. Governor Huckabee signed the the bill into Law on February 22. The Music for All Foundation, Americans for the Arts, Arkansas Music Educators, Arkansas Arts Council and led the way (Full Story)

Putting the Arts Front and Center in Education Reform

Editorial by former Secretary of Education Rod Paige and Governor Mike Huckabee (Full Story)

Governors, State Education Policy Leaders Urged to Move Arts Education to the Center of the Education Debate

Education Commission of the States Chairman, Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR) has sent out an email to all Governors and state education policy leaders making a strong and passionate case for bringing arts education to the center of the education debate. (Full Story)

California - 50% Drop in Music Students During Last Five Years

Music for All's ground-breaking report The Sound of Silence - The Unprecedented Decline of Music Education in California Public Schools uncovers a 50% decline in student participation in music. (Full Story)

The View from the Eye of the Perfect Storm

State budget deficits and education reform implementation continue to cripple access to the arts in our schools and communities. In a three-part special report Music for All Foundation chairman Robert B. Morrison shares some insight on what may lie ahead.

This complete series:
• Part One - The View from the Eye of the Perfect Storm (Full Story)
• Part Two- The View from the Eye of the Perfect Storm (Full Story)
• Part Three- The View from the Eye of the Perfect Storm (Full Story)
• Original Editorial "The Perfect Storm" from March 2001 (Full Story)