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Music for All is dedicated to providing access to valuable information and resources to support music and the arts in education and communities.
• On August 18, 2009, U.S. Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan spoke with the SupportMusic Coalition regarding his letter about the importance of Arts Education. Read Secretary Duncan's letter (PDF).

Advocacy Tools to Help NOW! Key resources to help anyone with an immediate need for help.

Information and Data contains quick access to statistics and information to aid in research or advocacy efforts

Public Awareness Campaigns features two of the best efforts to help promote music and arts education to the general public with ways for you to help!

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Advocacy Tools to help NOW!

SupportMusic Community Action Kit - THE resource to help organize music and arts education advocates! This kit contains presentations, press releases, guidelines and strategies... all provided in a simple, easy to use format. Music for All is a proud supporter of the development of these tools!

Keep Music Education Strong (English) Keep Music Education Strong (Spanish) - The brochure from the SupportMusic Coalition. A great document to print and hand out!

No Subject Left Behind (PDF) - The highly regarded guide to arts education and the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Prepared by many of the leading arts and arts education organizations through the Arts Education Partnership.

Academic Atrophy: The Condition of the Liberal Arts in America's Public Schools - This first significant study of how the No Child Left Behind Act is influencing instructional time and professional development reveals that schools are spending more time on reading, math, and science but squeezing out the arts. From the Council for Basic Education. - This is a one stop resource to help individuals craft specific strategies based on local circumstances (Budget Cuts, No Child Left Behind implementation, time pressures) Music for All is proud to be a partner with

Information and Data

Letter from Dr. White, IPS - A letter in which Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent Eugene D. White, Ed.D., discusses the impact of Music for All programming on IPS students and graduation rates.

Quickfacts - Music and Arts top line facts compiled by Music for All.

WITHIN OUR POWER: The Progress, Plight and Promise of Arts Education for Every Child - The summary report from the New Jersey Arts Education Partnership led by Music for All

The Sound of Silence - The Unprecedented Decline of Music Education in California Public Schools - This report provides the first statistical analysis of actual student enrollment figures as provided by the California Department of Education, showing a 50% decline in student participation.

Gallup Poll on Americans Attitudes Toward Music, Music Making and Music Education, 2003 - What does the American public think about music making and music education? Now we know! This 2003 Gallup poll conducted for the American Music Conference has all the answers as well as longitudinal data to help document the changes in public opinion over the past decade!

Key Highlights from National Research on Arts Education compiled by Americans for the Arts. A great resource of information presented in a clear and concise way.

State Funding for the Arts - The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies reports on the decline in state arts funding for 2007

Public Awareness Campaigns

Art Ask for More - This national arts education campaign, created by Americans for the Arts, has print, radio and television components. Check out the information here and then contact your local broadcast or cable television provider to ask them to support the campaign!