Bands of America offers a copyright permissions service. For a flat fee of $225 (for BOA/MFA participants) or $275 (non-BOA/MFA participants) we will do the "leg work" to secure the necessary copyright permissions for you for your fall marching band show.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, please download the "Copyright Permissions Service" form. We will need to know every selection that you plan on using in your show along with the composer/performer of each piece and the copyright owner, if known. You are not required to supply the copyright owner, but in order to receive accurate search results, we must have the composer/performer for each piece.

Please keep in mind that most companies take an average of 2-3 weeks to approve requests. And, if you account for the time it takes to sign and return the contracts, the entire process will take approximately 4-5 weeks. As such, all Copyright Permission Service requests should be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the date by which you want to start making your arrangement. If requests are received within 3 weeks before your first BOA event where you will use the music, the fee increases to $350/$400.
As permission to arrange is acquired from each company, we will forward contracts to you for your signature. If a publisher requires payment, you will be responsible for forwarding the signed agreements and payment to the publisher, along with a copy to our office. You are responsible for making all payments required by publishers. When a publisher is requiring payment, please make sure all checks are made out to the publishing company, NOT Music for All.

Please understand that there is never any guarantee that we will be able to secure permission for all of your pieces. In the event that permission to arrange one of your selections is denied by the copyright holder, you can choose to substitute another selection at no additional cost. If permission to arrange is denied for ALL of your selections, Bands of America will send you a full refund, less a $100 administrative charge, or $225 if using the expedited service (<21 days).

We invite you to take a look at and choose this service. If you have any questions or concerns about the service, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Jeni Paulson
Copyright Compliance Officer

Copyright Permission Service Form